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Title Piedras
Originaltitle: Piedras
Regie: Ramón Salazar
Darsteller: Antonia San Juan, Najwa Nimri, Vicky Peña, Mónica Cervera, Ángela Molina
Erscheinungsjahr: 2002
Land: Spanien
Stichwort: Zerebralparese
Release: 08.02.2002

Anita, the daughter of Adela, the madam of a brothel. Anita has cerebral palsy with a mental disability. She spends her time at home drawing with paints, only leaving to walk the dog and
watch airplanes. The five protagonists of my film are women who have not been able to organize the large "stones" (piedras) in their lives.

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Aufgenomme in die Filmliste Merino Marco, Maria Lucila: Cerebral palsy in cinema, J Med Mov 1, 2005, 66-76; Mit Zerebralparese (cerebral palsy) wird eine Gruppe chronischer Störungen der Haltungs-, Bewegungs- und Gleichgewichtsfunktionen des Körpers bezeichnet, die auf eine frühkindliche Hirnschädigung zurückgeht.

Ramón Salazar, Spanish director defines his first feature Stones in this way. The film tells the parallel, conflicting trajectory of five women: Anita, Isabel, Adela, Leire, and Maricarmen. All are endeavoring to remove the stones that insistently appear in their path or, worst, that are in their shoes. They are five Cinderellas in search of prince charming and a new chance in life.

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