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Title good humor man, The
Originaltitle: good humor man, The
Regie: Lloyd Bacon
Darsteller: Jack Carson, Lola Albright, Jean Wallace
Erscheinungsjahr: 1950
Land: USA
Stichwort: Epilepsie, epileptischer Anfall, Anfälle
Release: 00.00.0000

Biff Jones, Eisverkäufer der Firma "Good Humor", besucht täglich seine Verlobte Margie Bellew, die für den Versicherungsagenten Stuart Nagel arbeitet. Nagel ist in Wirklichkeit ein Gangsterboss. Biff versucht Bonnie, eine Zufallsbekanntschaft, vor der Bande zu schützen, wird aber selbst des Mordes an Bonnie, verdächtigt. Diese ist nach einem epileptischen Anfalls wie tot liegen geblieben und später verschwunden. Biff und Margie lösen den recht komplizierten Fall und führen Nagel seiner Strafe zu.

Weitere Info
Aufgenommen in die Epilepsie-Filmographie von Kerson, Toba et al.: Implacable Images: Why Epileptiform Events Continue to be Featured in Film and Television,
HYPERLINK "http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16793571"
HYPERLINK "http://www.john-libbey-eurotext.fr/en/revues/medecine/epd/e-docs/00/04/1B/94/article.md"

Good Humor is an American brand of ice cream novelties sold from ice cream trucks as well as stores and other retail outlets. Originally, Good Humors were chocolate coated ice cream bars on a stick, but the line was expanded over the years to include a wide range of novelties. The Good Humor company started in Youngstown, Ohio during the early 1920s and covered most of the country by the mid 1930s. Good Humor became a fixture in American popular culture, and at its peak in the 1950s, the company operated 2,000 "sales cars".[1]

In 1961, Good Humor was acquired by Thomas J. Lipton, the U.S. subsidiary of the international Unilever conglomerate. Profits declined when the baby boomers aged and costs increased because of labor issues, gasoline and insurance. The company sold its fleet in 1978, but continued to distribute its products through grocery stores and independent street vendors. By 1984, Good Humor returned to profitability.[2] Starting in 1989, Unilever expanded Good Humor through its acquisition of Gold Bond Ice Cream that included the Popsicle brand. Four years later, Unilever bought Isaly Klondike and the Breyers Ice Cream Company. Good Humor-Breyers is now a large producer of branded ice cream and frozen novelties with nine plants around the country.[3]

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