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Titel Crazed
Originaltitel: Crazed
Genre: Horror
Directed: Richard Cassidy
Besetzung: Laszlo Papas, Belle Mitchell, Beverly Ross
Kommentar: The original working title of this film was "The Paranoiac"; it was completed and released as "Slipping into Darkness" by a company called Jupiter Pictures, sometime in late 1979. aka Blood Shed aka Slipping Into Darkness (es gibt einen anderen Film mit diesem Titel, der auch "Killing girls" heisst) Karen suffers from diabetic seizures and a case of the dumps. Leaving boyfriend Rodney on good terms, she makes her way to Los Angeles, with plans of enrolling in a creative writing course. After visiting a couple of fleabag hostels, Karen settles on a room at old Mrs. Brewer's place. Mrs. Brewer has metal legs; stair climbing is out of the question. The delightful old fogie hasn't been upstairs in twenty years. Too bad. That's where Grahame, ex-G.I. and star tenant ("He's like a son to me...") has staked his claim. Grahame has the top floor souped up to fit his needs. Two-way mirrors. Secret passageways. Karen fits right in, fueling Grahame's voyeuristic tendencies with sex, drugs, and even a little rock 'n' roll. As an individual, we learn that Grahame is absolutely fucked. Only it's not his fault. His Daddy was disturbed. Naturally, Grahame is in love with Karen. Unnaturally, he's going to make sure it stays that way. http://www.bleedingskull.com/vhs/crazed.html "This movie is a bit confusing, and extremely boring. A woman leaves her farm to go stay at some house for no explained reason, and after much boredom, she has a seizure in the bathtub and drowns. This weirdo who lives at the house was watching from behind a one way mirror, and instead of reporting her death, he leaves it in her room. More and more boredom, and then a little bit of murder here and there until the stupid ending. I was so happy it was over. It was a little comical seeing old ladies as some of the cast members that would normally be played by stupid dumb blondes fresh out of high school. They were in the "scariest" parts of the movie." http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0129851/usercomments
Jahr: 1982
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

Der einsame, von seiner Mutter beherrschte Graham vernarrt sich in Karen, die verführerische Mieterin der Pension seiner Mutter. Als Karen während eines epileptischen Anfalls in der Badewanne ertrinkt, verbirgt er ihre Leiche in seinem Zimmer. Um ""seine Braut"" vor den Augen der anderen zu verbergen, geht Graham über Leichen.

Zuschreibung, Mit Anfall, komplexer Anfallsverlauf, Nebenrolle, Epilepsiespielfilm

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