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Titel Hochzeit, Eine
Originaltitel: A Wedding
Genre: Komödie
Directed: Robert Altman
Besetzung: Desi Arnaz Jr., Carol Burnett, Geraldine Chaplin
Kommentar: Aufgenommen in die Epilepsie-Filmographie von Sally Baxendale, The Lancet, Neurology Bd. 2 Dezember 2003, http://image.thelancet.com/extras/03TLN8005webtable.pdf On hearing bad news, a teenage boy has a seizure, but then recovers immediately once the misunderstanding has been resolved. (Baxendale) "Or consider Hughie (Dennis Christopher), the bride’s likable kid brother. When he swallows a lot of pills at the party and explains to a Corelli that they’re for his epilepsy, my smirking assumption — already conditioned by the Altman context — is that this is a cover story for uppers or Quaaludes. Much later, after the honeymoon car crashes into a fuel truck and the wedding couple are believed to be dead, an ugly quarrel breaks out between the families, seething with class resentments, until Hughie — passionately echoing my own conditioned sentiments at this point — screams, “Will you all shut up? They’re dead!” Then, after tearfully describing the wreckage that he saw, he has an epileptic seizure — in a shot that Altman “tastefully” cuts short. Before I can recover from this, the wedding couple appear, alive; it turns out that the real victims of the accident were the former lovers of each, characters that the film has already conditioned me not to give two hoots about. in algebraic terms, smirk + anti-smirk + false disaster + real disaster = 0. All I’m left with is a nice kid who has epilepsy." (Jonathan Rosenbaum, http://www.jonathanrosenbaum.com/?p=19043)
Jahr: 1978
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

Muffin Brenner, Tochter aus neureichem Südstaatenhaus, heiratet Dino Corelli, einen Halbitaliener mit Wurzeln mütterlicherseits in einer wohlhabenden Familie des Mittleren Westens. Im Laufe der Feier ereignen sich allerlei weitere kleinere und größere Katastrophen. Trotzdem löst sich am Ende alles in Wohlgefallen auf.

Krankheitsname fällt, Expertenzuordnung, Mit Anfall, komplexer Anfallsverlauf, Nebenrolle, Epilepsiespielfilm

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