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Titel The Simpsons: Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo
Originaltitel: The Simpsons: Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo
Genre: Animation
Directed: Jim Reardon
Kommentar: Season 10, Episode 23, 16 May 1999: Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo (durch Flackerlicht ausgelöste Anfälle 11 Minuten nach Beginn): http://www.watchcartoononline.com/the-simpsons-season-10-episode-23-thirty-minutes-over-tokyo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A4rpx3DEUI In The Simpsons episode "Thirty Minutes over Tokyo", Bart turns on the television and finds a children’s program. He has just enough time to exclaim that this is the program which gives people seizures before the robot character’s eyes start flashing on screen, causing the entire family to collapse and convulse. The South Park episode "Chinpokomon" features a Japanese Pokémon-like phenomenon which brainwashes almost all of the children. Kenny, while playing one of the Chinpokomon games, suffers a seizure and dies. Both episodes were aired in 1999, shortly after the incident. Ling-Ling, a character from Comedy Central's Drawn Together is a clear parody of Pikachu, being able to generate "beam" attacks and having a previous history with a trainer. Again referencing "Dennō Senshi Porigon", at one point in time he states that his goal in life is to give children seizures. A brief reference was also given in the 2004 novel So Yesterday by science fiction author Scott Westerfeld; one of the characters has a seizure when watching the episode." http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon:_An_international_cultural_phenomenon "Electric Soldier Porygon") is the thirty-eighth episode of the Pokémon anime's first season. Its only broadcast was in Japan on December 16, 1997. In the episode, Ash and his friends find at the local Pokémon Center that there is something wrong with the Poké Ball transmitting device. To find out what's wrong, they must go inside the machine. The episode is infamous for using visual effects that caused seizures in a substantial number of Japanese viewers, an incident referred to as the "Pokémon Shock" by the Japanese press. Six hundred and eighty-five viewers were taken to hospitals; two people remained hospitalized for more than two weeks. Due to this, the episode has been banned worldwide. After the shock, the Pokémon anime went into a four month hiatus, and it returned on TV Tokyo in April 1998. Since then, the episode has been parodied and referenced in cultural media, including episodes of South Park and The Simpsons. vgl dazu auch die Episode "The Simpsons: Vom Teufel besessen ", in der der "Exorzist" karikiert wird. In der Simpsons-Folge „$pringfield“ (dt. Titel: „Vom Teufel besessen“) wird Homer Kartengeber im Casino von Mr. Burns. Zwei Männer, Tom Cruise (Charlie) und Dustin Hoffman (Raymond), kommen an seinen Tisch und räumen ab. Als Raymond sich in einem Anfall auf dem Boden wälzt, tut Homer es ihm gleich. Diese Szene wurde aufgrund des Vorwurfes der Geschmacklosigkeit nach der ersten Ausstrahlung aus der Folge geschnitten.
Jahr: 1999
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

Die Simpsons müssen in einer Japanischen game show auftreten, weil Homer ihr gesamtes Geld verloren hat. ....... Bart macht den Fernseher an und erkennt, dass er in eine Kindersendung geraten ist, die durch das Flackerlicht eines Roboters epileptische Anfälle auslöst. Aber schon fällt einer nach dem anderen der Simpson-Familie um und windet sich in Krämpfen.

Mit Anfall, krampfartiger Anfallsverlauf, Hauptrolle, Epilepsiespielfilm

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