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Titel Out of the blu
Originaltitel: Out of the blu
Genre: TV-Serie
Directed: Richard Standeven
Besetzung: John Hannah u.a.
Kommentar: Serie ""Out of the Blue"" 1995 - 1996 BBC police drama that follows the personal and professional lives of a group of detectives. ""For years, Hannah has made an effort to use his status as a celebrity to support charitable causes. Soon after his role as the epileptic police officer Franky Drinkall in Out Of The Blue, he showed his support for the Epilepsy Association of Scotland. He was, for a long time, a spokesman for Oxfam's Cut Conflict Campaign."" Wikipedia ""The first series concluded with DI Frank Drinkall (John Hannah) being murdered by a drug addict. Throughout the previous six episodes, the viewer had grown close to Drinkall, who when we first met him was diagnosed with epilepsy. His downward spiral and final dénouement, relied little on the conventions of crime drama, instead focussed on how Drinkall’s condition affected his mental well-being. Whilst it might not have been a soap, Out of the Blue was certainly anything but a standard crime drama. This genre positioning was further affirmed in the second series with the introduction of DS Jim Llewyn (David Morrissey), a similarly troubled figure. Although featuring a very strong cast, excellent production values and scripts described by one overseas newspaper critic as “tautly written, with the sort of crisp, colloquial dialogue you expect from the Brits, it’s clammy, a kitchen-sink sort of drama”, Out of the Blue failed to establish and sustain a sizeable enough audience. Perhaps the brevity of the programme’s two series prevented the characters from gaining the kind of audience familiarity central to soap operas. Regardless, series creator Peter Bowker would later find greater acclaim in the police drama genre with 1998’s Undercover Heart."" Jack Kibble-White http://www.offthetelly.co.uk/?page_id=206
Jahr: 1995
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: UK

D.S. Frank 'Frankie' Drinkall, Polizist und Protagonist der Reihe bekommt epileptische Anfälle. Sein Vorgehen ist auch durch die Besonderheit seiner Krankheit bestimmt. Da er sich seiner Epilespie nicht stellen will, bekommt er immer mehr berufliche Schwierigkeiten bis er diesen aufgaben muss.

Krankheitsname fällt, Zuschreibung, Hauptrolle, Epilepsiespielfilm

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