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Titel A better waiting room
Originaltitel: A Better Waiting Room
Genre: Komödie
Directed: Aled Smith
Besetzung: Gareth Aldon, Eiry Hughes, Paul Owens
Kommentar: When your boss sacks you, the best thing to do is wait. Wait until he's finished work and then seek revenge. That's Pigsy's perfect plan. But Monkey isn't sure. Waiting is a hard job. Dull. And when you suffer epilepsy it's a routine. So when Emma Goode turns up, Monkey suddenly knows what to do. (IMDB) from Toba Kerson's notes: A dark comedy set in South Wales about two young men who have just lost their jobs. One of the men, Pigsy, comes up with the plan to beat up the boss while his friend, Monkey (Spacca) thinks it’s not such a good idea but hangs around anyway. The directors write, “what follows is a day of – misery, boredom and epilepsy.” Monkey has his first seizure in the morning. Pigsy has no response and continues to talk to himself. Monkey gets up too quickly than if he had had a seizure then asks if he had a fit and says he doesn’t feel well]. Pigsy tries to use the second seizure to his advantage. They’ve moved up on the hill and away from a bench very close to the factory from which they had been fired that morning. Each time Monkey moves, Pigsey says “You twitchin’?” Monkey replies, “I’m thinkin’.” A young woman whom they knew in school walks by. Pigsy decides to ask her out but she has hated him since he and the other stupid boys teased her in school. Monkey decides to FEIGN a seizure and the directors use subtitles to tell you what he is thinking. The young woman’s father owns a factory also and after she jumps Pigsy and knock him out she sees that he is doing all of the wrong things to protect Monkey after his seizure. Shetalks to Monkey, saying that her father has epilepsy and she is sure he will give Monkey a job if he comes with her to meet her father in the library.
Jahr: 2009
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: Ungarn

Zwei von ihrem Chef entlassene Jugendliche - der epilepsiekranke Monkey und sein Freund Pigsy beschliessen diesen zu überfallen

Expertenzuordnung, Krankheitsname fällt, Mit Anfall, Anfallsform benannt, simulierter Anfall, Hauptrolle

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