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Titel Prapancha
Originaltitel: Prapancha
Genre: Drama
Directed: Madhukar Pathak
Besetzung: Sulochana Latkar, Amar Shiekh, Kusum Deshpande
Kommentar: from Toba Kerson's notes: The story is set in a village. A potter has a large family with another baby on the way and has incurred a lot of debt to feed and clothe his family. He lives on the hope that his younger brother, who is studying in Mumbai, will earn enough money to pull the family out of debt. The younger brother has been saving up to set up a factory. Unfortunately, the debt is too high and though the younger brother gives all his savings to save their house, the money is not enough to repay all debts incurred. The potter commits suicide, leaving behind his wife and many children. The younger brother gives up his ambition and the idea of marrying the woman he loves and takes on the responsibility of his brother's family. His sister-in-law, a widow now, has another baby. The baby is said to have seizures and dies. The mother-in-law complains to the younger brother that instead of grieving over the baby, the new mother remarks that it would mean one less mouth to feed. The widow finally runs away from the house with her children so that the younger brother can get married and have his own family. She faces many difficulties. One of her children dies, the boys get into trouble with the law and the daughter becomes a prostitute. In the end, the widow joins a non-profit and becomes a proponent of family planning going from village to village. The seizures are not shown but add to the tragedy and show the widow's state of mind.
Jahr: 1961
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: Indien

Indische Dorfgeschichte um die vielköpfige Familie eines Töpfers.

Krankheitsname fällt, Expertenzuordnung, Ohne Anfall, Episode, Epilepsiespielfilm

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