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Titel Daughters Promises
Originaltitel: Maalaala mo kaya, Toga (III)
Genre: TV-Serie
Directed: Frasco Mortiz
Besetzung: Charo Santos-Concio, Eva Darren, Cris Villanueva
Kommentar: Hinweis: https://neurologicaldisordersinthemovies.wordpress.com/epilepsy/ TV Serie (seit 1991) Maalaala mo kaya (MMK 25 / Remember me) Episode Aug 20, 2016 The longest-running drama anthology in Asia 25 Jahr 2016 (1065 Episoden) Drehbuch: Joan Habana / Arah Jell G. Badayos Maris Racal as Analyn Veyda Inoval as Young Analyn Aleck Bovick as Luzminda Cris Villanueva as Sulpicio John Manalo as Young Allan Alchris Galura as Allan Via Veloso as Luzvilla Former "It's Showtime" host Coleen Garcia earned praise from Filipino viewers for her solid portrayal of a mentally challenged teenager on "Maalaala Mo Kaya." Garcia, on Saturday's episode of the drama anthology, played Pauleen, a young girl who, after being abandoned by her parents at an early age, turned to alcohol and drugs. Her addiction led to her developing several mental illnesses like intellectual disability, auditory hallucination, antisocial personality disorder, and epilepsy. Clueless about her condition, Pauleen's father Bernard (Joey Marquez), who decided to take her back, resorted to violence to restrain her behavior. At one point, he kept his teenage daughter chained to a small cage inside their home while he looked for help. Bernard eventually sought professionals, letting doctors take her to an undisclosed rehabilitation center in Manila. The episode concluded with Bernard promising his daughter that he will welcome her back after she is cured of her illnesses. Garcia, moments after, took to Instagram to thank those who caught her performance, and urged fans to educate themselves on the different mental health issues and the struggles that comes with being diagnosed with such. "Many wrongfully generalize others with special conditions by simply using the term "baliw". We need to understand that there is so much more to people than just that one word," she wrote, referring to the the abusive treatment her character received from her parents and neighbors. "The more we understand people, the closer we get to actually helping them instead of turning to solutions that only worsen the problem. People with special needs cannot help themselves, and this is most certainly not their fault nor choice. "And yes, this does concern us more than we know. Being unaware does not make our communities immune. I know it is especially difficult in our country because, here in the Philippines, a large percentage of our population works hard just to make ends meet and struggles when faced with hospital bills for physical health conditions. "What more for mental health problems? I hope that one day our government will have the means to give more attention to these issues. Nevertheless, awareness does go a long way, and it's always a great place to start! Hope today's episode made you learn, and feel, something different. Thank you so much, mga Kapamilya," she concluded. Throughout the episode, the hashtag "#MMKKadena" topped the list of local trending topics on Twitter. Many, including her boyfriend, heaped praised on Garcia's debut on the beloved show. "I am speechless my love," Billy Crawford said. "Wonderful performance. You have shown the world that you are an A class actress. You are so blessed that you were given an opportunity to shine like this!" http://news.abs-cbn.com/entertainment/07/23/16/coleen-gets-praises-for-portrayal-of-mentally-ill-teen-on-mmk siehe dort auch Szene mit einem Schreianfall.
Jahr: 2016
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: Philippinen

Analyn (10) and ihr Bruder Allan (16) verbringen eine versorgte und umsorgte Jugend dank ihres Vaters, des Geschäftsmannes Sulpicio (45) und ihrer Mutter Luzminda, die an Epilepsie leidet. Sulpicio stirbt an einem Leberleiden. Im Rückblick (mit 20 Jahren) Analy erkennt wie sehr Luzminda unter Depressionen und der sich verschlechternden Epilepsie leidet. Sie übernimmt die Rolle des Vaters. Sie reift an ihren Aufgaben und wird Lehrerin.

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