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Titel Smile. Don’t Kill Anyone
Originaltitel: Smile. Don’t Kill Anyone
Genre: TV-Serie
Directed: Jenna Bans
Besetzung: Jonathan Castellanos, Valerie Cruz, Caroline Dhavernas
Kommentar: Hinweis von: https://neurologicaldisordersinthemovies.wordpress.com/epilepsy/ Off the Map (2011 TV series) Episode 2 TV Recap, by Megan Angelo, Jan 20, 2011 12:42, ABC The new residents of “Off the Map” are still far from acclimated — in fact, this episode tested their routines, sense of protocol and puffed-up egos. Lily trails Keeton and Zita to find a guy who, in the midst of arguing about commitment with his girlfriend, got wrapped in a giant snake — now, this is a good reason for this show to exist. Giant reptiles never show up at Seattle Grace. Lily’s suggestion of sedating the snake impresses Keeton — until he realizes that the man’s pelvis has been shattered, and the snake’s death grip is all that’s keeping it from falling to pieces. The doctors decide to drag him to the clinic still ensnared in the snake. This plan goes awry when the understandably freaking-out patient dumps himself into the water, releasing himself from the snake — but also causing him to bleed profusely. While trying to stanch the bleeding, Lily finds an engagement ring in the patient’s pocket — and encourages him to encourage to his girlfriend right then, despite delaying the surgery. We’re more fully introduced to Ryan, the redheaded siren spotted running from the clinic in episode one. She’s broken down and returned — just in time to shower in a waterfall (free spirit alert!) and make a house call with Mina. As Ryan backdoor-brags (and front-door brags) about all she and her missionary parents have accomplished, Mina mutters, “You’ve done so many amazing things, and you talk about them all the time.” She’s fast becoming the most endearing and relatable person in this jungle. And she manages to save her pneumonia-ridden patient — but the patient’s brother, evidently also afflicted, dies suddenly. Ryan calls Mina out for failing to comfort her patient — and for not bothering to learn a lick of Spanish. Meanwhile, Tommy is dispatched to build a clean-water bathroom. (For this task, he wears aviators and a polo with the collar popped — rebel-without-a-cause sign number two.) He takes a timeout from being the resident badass/badass resident to diagnose a teenage girl with epilepsy. But the local medicine man (Cheech Marin) disagrees with Tommy’s diagnosis, and the young girl goes away without medication — plus, Tommy has ruined the clinic’s relationship with Cheech, who believes it’s demons that cause the girl’s seizures. Tommy drops the attitude and the shades and goes to ask Cheech for forgiveness. Cheech gives Tommy his blessing, so Tommy gives the young girl pills and cleans up the angry pink scar on her face. Looks like that plastic surgery experience is actually coming in handy — and like there’s actually a heart underneath all that swagger. Isn’t there always? After an all-hands-on-board effort, the newly-engaged snake’s victim is saved, causing all the doctors to soften. Zita allows Otis to kiss her. As Keeton stitches up Lily’s anaconda bites, she reveals that her fiance was killed when he was struck by a car three blocks from their house. Ryan softens on Mina, acknowledging that she’s a good doctor, but not a good physician. Her explanation: “A doctor treats. A physician heals.” Not so sure about that cute little distinction, but maybe Ryan just had other stuff on her mind — we learn that she’s Keeton’s ex, and she thinks he’s got his sights set on Lily. Whom he just happens to catch au naturel in nature the next morning — she probably won’t be alone in that waterfall for long.
Jahr: 2011
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

Dschungelepisoden um Unfälle, Therapien und Beziehungen: Keeton wird von einer Riesenanakonda umschlungen. Bevor er in eine Klinik transportiert werden kann, befreit er sich selbst, bleibt aber schwer verletzt. Der Arzt Tommy diagnostiziert Epilepsie bei Sophia. Ihm widerspricht der Medizinmann des Ortes. Seiner Ansicht nach werden die Anfälle von einem Dämon verursacht, der durch Narben im Gesicht in sein Opfer eingedrungen ist. Er gibt aber schliesslich nach und lässt Tommy seine Therapie durchführen.

Expertenzuordnung, Krankheitsname fällt, Ob Anfall ungeklärt, Nebenrolle

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