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Titel Neighbours
Originaltitel: Neighbours
Genre: TV-Serie
Kommentar: siehe auch hier Episode 6484; 4.10.2012 Episoden, in denen Andrews Epilepsie eine Rolle spielt: 1.648 - 6;1.6501,6,7,8 (siehe Imdb) 16477, 28.8.2012 Rhys spots Andrew's persisting headache a week after the car crash and pushes him to get checked out in hospital, but Andrew shies away and promises to reconsider unless it improves. 1.6484, 6.9.2012 Even after some Internet research on his condition, Andrew hesitates to get properly checked out, but Aidan convinces him to see Karl, and when the results confirm it's epilepsy, that he must tell Paul soon. 1.6547, 4.12.2012 Andrew has an epileptic fit and Tash is forced to watch on. Tash pushes Andrew to get proper treatment for his illness but Andrew refuses, fearing Paul will find out. Alles siehe IMDB Andrew Benito Robinson is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Jordan Smith. He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 13 November 1991. Shannon Holmes had played the role from the character's birth in 1991 until his departure the following year. Andrew's backstory was subject to retroactive continuity to explain Smith's Scottish accent, and he had his age reduced so that he would be a teenager on his return. Andrew is the only son of Christina Alessi and Paul Robinson. His storylines have included his return to Erinsborough, having an affair with Donna Freedman, fighting with his step brother and becoming involved in a love triangle with Natasha Williams and Summer Hoyland. In November 2012, it was announced Smith would be leaving Neighbours and Andrew made his screen departure on 29 March 2013. Crash and epilepsy In August 2012, Andrew is involved in a car accident while heading to a concert with his friends.[37] The crash occurs after Natasha learns Andrew has sold an app, that they worked on together, without her permission.[37] Their argument leads Chris Pappas (James Mason) to lose control of the car and crash.[37] Smith commented "So many lives are in danger."[37] Andrew suffers a serious head injury as a result of the accident.[37] He later struggles with "worrying neurological symptoms" including; dizziness, severe headaches and black outs.[36] Andrew keeps his health worries to himself because he is determined not to show signs of weakness.[36] Andrew is worried further when he blacks out at home and discovers he has suffered a fit.[36] The Daily Star's Susan Hill reported that he sets up a camera to see what happens if he is affected again. However, when nothing happens, Andrew decides to go to the hospital for a check up.[38] After undergoing tests by Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), Andrew has "his life turned upside down" when he is diagnosed with epilepsy.[36][38] A Neighbours spokesperson explained "Andrew is devastated when he discovers he's got epilepsy. He's in the prime of his life and is shocked by the news as the attacks can happen at any time."[38] They added that Andrew will struggle to live with the diagnosis and that it will have "a huge impact" on his life.[38] Karl urges Andrew to tell his family and friends about the diagnosis, but he does not listen and tries to deal with it by himself.[36][39] When Paul offers to buy Charlie's with him, it reinforces Andrew's decision to not reveal his condition.[36] Hill wrote "As he tries to manage the life-changing condition, he realises the scale of the challenge is huge. He has to avoid driving the company car and realises the strobe lights in Charlie's will have to go too."[39] Andrew's behaviour changes and he starts demanding that his friends give him lifts, despite knowing that hiding his condition will not help win them back.[39] A spokesperson stated "But his close friend Tash Williams really starts to get annoyed with his behaviour and doesn't understand why he can't drive his flash new car. Andrew finds it really hard to deal with but deep down he knows he must tell her what he is facing."[39] Smith revealed that he researched epilepsy in preparation for the storyline and commented that Andrew "should definitely go and get help".[36] Siehe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Robinson_(Neighbours)#Crash_and_epilepsy Siehe auch: Kilkelly, Daniel (5 April 2011). "'Neighbours' star reveals new Andrew plot". Digital Spy. Hachette Filipacchi UK. Retrieved 20 April 2011.
Jahr: 2012
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: Australien

Epilepsie ist eine der "Hauptargumente" der australischen TV-Serie Neighbours im Jahr 2012. Sie wird bei Andrews nach einem Autounfall diagnostiziert.

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