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Titel The real winning edge
Originaltitel: The real winning edge
Genre: TV-Serie
Kommentar: Die Serie begann im Jahr 1982. Actress Jessica Rivera snowmobilers Caleb and Colten Moore and strongman Phil Pfister introduce a young dancer living with epilepsy a snowboarder dealing with learning disabilities and a pair of powerlifters overcoming substance abuse. https://www.onlinetvrecorder.com/v2/?go=download&tab=info&epg_id=7054743 Real Winning Edge is a ten-session, video-based study that encourages young people to see beyond their own circumstances and realize they are not alone in their struggles. Featuring top sports and music celebrities, it instills confidence in teenagers who are reaching for their dreams, delivering a strong message of hope and optimism for the future of America’s young people. This unique series features real-life high school and college students who have overcome challenges such as substance abuse, parental abandonment, the suicide of someone they loved, and a myriad of other problems youth face. Documenting not only how these young people conquered the odds to achieve victory in their fields of talent. Real Winning Edge also chronicles how they battled difficult circumstances to achieve victory in their personal lives through their faith and wise choices. (Amazone, https://www.amazon.com/Real-Winning-Edge-Video-Study/dp/0310889855) Offizielle Webseite: http://www.realwinningedge.com/
Jahr: 1982
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

Geschichten von Jugendlichen, die ihre Probleme zu meistern versuchen. Darunter ist Phil Phister, der an Epilepsie leidet. Actress Jessica Rivera Snowmobilfahrer Caleb and Colten Moore helfen ihm seine Lernschwierigkeiten und Drogenabhängigkeit anzugehen.

Zuschreibung, Ob Anfall ungeklärt, Epilepsiechirurgie

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