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Titel Dr. House: Guardian Angels
Originaltitel: Dr. House: Guardian Angels
Genre: TV-Serie
Directed: Daran Sarafian
Kommentar: TV-Serie, Season 4, Episode 4 While having a seizure, a 24-year-old funeral-home cosmetician named Irene (Azura Skye) hallucinates that she's being raped by one of the corpses she's working on. The fellowship applicants think it might be Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (the human form of Mad Cow Disease), caught from one of the corpses at her job. ............. Amber throws a wild guess that Irene's symptoms might result from ergot poisoning from mold in the organic bread that she eats, causing LSD-like hallucinations, worsened by the bromocriptine they gave while assuming Parkinson's Disease, and that the reason Irene kept requesting milk is that it is a natural treatment for the contamination of the bread. The team treats her, and it works. (Wikipedia)
Jahr: 2007
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

House examiniert verschiedene Bewerber. Er muss herausfinden, warum eine zwanzigjährige Kosmetikerin einen schweren Anfall erleidet und danach unter Halluzinationen leidet.

Zuschreibung, Mit Anfall, Nebenrolle

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