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Titel Zeuge gesucht
Originaltitel: Phantom Lady
Genre: Krimi
Directed: Robert Siodmak
Besetzung: Franchot Tone, Ella Raines, Alan Curtis
Kommentar: Aufgenommen in die Epilepsie-Filmographie von Mayo/Wulff: http://www1.uni-hamburg.de/Medien/berichte/arbeiten/0020_03.html "It seems as though there's no hope left, even with the added help of Jack Marlow (Franchot Tone), Scott's best friend, newly returned from Brazil, when Carol gets a line on the unusual hat the woman was wearing. She traces the hat to its owner in a mansion on Long Island, where she is recovering from a breakdown over the death of her fiancé -- that was her trouble on the night she crossed paths with Scott Henderson." http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/phantom_lady/ Über Blickstarre und Verrenkungen: "The significance of “I’ll Remember April” and of the ‘phantom lady’s’ behavior is not clarified until near the end of the film. Carol tracks her down (real name: Ann Terry) and finds that the woman has suffered a nervous breakdown brought on by the sudden death of her fiancée the previous April. Terry’s paralysis is the result of the traumatic memory of the revelation of this death. If memories hold too little for Henderson they hold too much for Terry. But in either case, they are typical of a certain type of protagonist for Woolrich and Siodmak, masochistically accepting their fates rather than fighting against them, neither of them able to consistently look at or focus on anything. In a New York marked by individuals who seldom make eye contact or look for very long at anything, Carol’s relentless stare in the bar becomes the nightmarish reversal of the anonymity and averted glances of urban living. ......... With Marlowe’s shadow looming over his victims, it is now he and not Carol who becomes a cross between Nosferatu and Mabuse, complete with over-the-top facial and hand contortions awkwardly imposed on an actor who could not be more American and less comfortable with this type of gestural repertoire. " http://sensesofcinema.com/2002/cteq/phantom_lady/
Jahr: 1944
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

Der Architekt Scot Henderson wird unschuldig wegen des Mords an seiner Frau zum Tode verurteilt. Sein Alibi, eine "mystriöse Dame" getroffen, lässt sich nicht verifizieren. Alle Entlastungszeugen verschwinden. Seine Sekretärin Carol "Kansas" Richman, die sich aus Liebe zu ihrem Chef von der grauen Maus zum fatalen Weib zu verwandeln versteht, findet Ann Terry, die geheimnisvolle Frau und entlarvt endlich einen ebenso raffinierten wie skrupellosen Psychopathen hinter der Maske eines wohlanständigen Bürgers als den wahren Täter.

Epilepsiespielfilm, Expertenzuordnung, Rolle ungeklärt

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