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Titel Night unto night
Originaltitel: Night Unto Night
Genre: Romance
Directed: Don Siegel
Besetzung: Ronald Reagan, Viveca Lindfors, Broderick Crawford
Kommentar: Aufgenommen in die Epilepsie-Filmographie von Mayo/Wulff: http://www1.uni-hamburg.de/Medien/berichte/arbeiten/0020_03.html nach einer Erzählung von Philip Wylie from Toba Kerson's notes: Ronald Reagan plays a biochemist, John Galen, diagnosed with epilepsy. He comes to coastal Florida seeking a simple, reclusive life. He rents a house from a young widow, Ann Gracy (Viveca Lindfors), who must vacate the house because in it she keeps hearing the voice of her dead husband, whose boat was torpedoed just offshore. The two fall in love but John's episodes keep getting worse and he does not want to put Ann through the pain of being married to a man who has epilepsy. John's condition forms the central theme of the film, giving rise to feelings of helplessness and loss of control. The reaction of others ranges from curiosity, medical interest, comfort, sympathy acceptance to disgust. John himself seems to view his epilepsy as a curse and is shown on the verge of committing suicide twice. The climax of the movie is especially dramatic with a storm raging outside and a storm within. John's secret is revealed and he tries to kill himself. Ann convinces him that it is her choice to be with him even though he has epilepsy and he cannot take that choice away from her. The film ends on a happy note. In fact the tag line of the film is, "Whatever it is, there's nothing you can't tell the woman you love". Filmed in 1947, Warner Bros. Night Unto Night wasn't released until 1949. ....... In 1951, Reagan would play another epileptic, baseball star Grover Cleveland Alexander, in The Winning Team. (Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide) ""The film starts with Ronald showing up in Florida, to rent a home, so he can deal with his affliction, for which there is no treatment."" ....... ""Reagan rents her slightly dilapidated beach mansion and experiences several epileptic episodes, but tries his best to keep his condition a secret. Broderick Crawford's role as an artist who lives close by verges on annoying as he goes on and on about art and life. Ossa Massen gives the film a boost as Lindfor's scheming, jealous sister who tries seducing Reagan and later drunkenly blurts out his secret when she realizes that she can't have him. The concluding hurricane arrives just in time, with all the main characters assembled for dinner in the creaky old mansion, and Reagan pushed to verge of suicide by the shame of his medical condition, while Lindfors begs him to reconsider."" IMDB
Jahr: 1949
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

John, ein junger Wissenschaftler, der an einer angeblich nicht behandelbaren Epilepsie leidet, trifft an der Küste Floridas Ann, die gerade ihren Mann verloren hat. Er sucht dort auf Empfehlung seines Arztes Ruhe. Sie wird von der Erinnerung an ihren verstorbenen Mann verfolgt. John verbirgt seine Krankheit und Anfälle vor Ann. Die beidenen ""Verlorenen"" verlieben sich ineinander. Der gemeinsame Freund Shawn Rat erteilt ihnen philosophischen Rat.

Epilepsiespielfilm, Expertenzuordnung, EpilepsieprotagonistIn, Krankheitsname fällt, Mit Anfall, Ob Anfall ungeklärt, Hauptrolle

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