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Titel Cadfael. Im Namen der Heiligen
Originaltitel: Cadfael. A morbid taste for bones
Genre: Problemfilm
Directed: Richard Stroud
Besetzung: Derek Jacobi, Michael Culver, Julian Firth
Kommentar: Hinweis von https://neurologicaldisordersinthemovies.wordpress.com/epilepsy/ Episode 3, von Staffel 2, 25.8.1996 Die TV-Serie beruht auf den Kriminalromanen von Edith Mary Pargeter. Diese Episode verfilmt: A morbid taste for bones (Im Namen der Heiligen / Mai 1137), 1977 "Edith Mary Pargeter OBE (* 28. September 1913 in Horsehay, England; † 14. Oktober 1995 in Telford, Shropshire) war eine englische Schriftstellerin. Sie schrieb unter dem Pseudonym Ellis Peters. Bekannt wurde Pargeter vor allem mit ihren historischen Kriminalromanen um den Mönch Bruder Cadfael. Ihre Bücher erschienen in 15 Sprachen und über 20 Ländern weltweit und bescherten ihr zahlreiche Auszeichnungen." https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edith_Pargeter "The book begins in Shrewsbury Abbey, England in the year 1137. Brother Cadfael is a 57 year-old monk of Welsh descent who only became a monk at age 40 after having been a Crusader. He is the abbey’s herbalist, growing herbs and making medicines from them. He has two assistants, Brother John and Brother Columbanus. Cadfael doubts if John really has a vocation. Columbanus apparently has epilepsy, but Cadfael doubts that too as Columbanus seems to be eager to bring attention to himself. Columbanus tends to overdo his expressions of piety and is very ambitious. Columbanus goes to Wales on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Winifred in an attempt to be cured of his ailment. Upon returning, Columbanus claims that he has had a vision in which the saint told him that she was being neglected in Wales and should be brought to Shrewsbury. Prior Robert, second in command of the abbey, wants to bring Winifred’s remains to Shrewsbury in accordance with the vision. Robert is very ambitious and it is implied that he wants the remains so that more pilgrims will come to Shrewsbury, making the abbey more prestigious and wealthier. Prior Robert, and Brothers Cadfael, Columbanus, and John (among others) go to Wales to get the remains. The local priest objects and a meeting of the local people is called. The largest landowner, Rhisiart, also objects and the meeting breaks up. Rhisiart is soon found dead and his death is taken as a sign that Winifred does indeed want to be moved to Shrewsbury. Cadfael does some detective work and determines that Rhisiart was actually killed by Columbanus. He tricks Columbanus into confessing while Columbanus is keeping vigil alone at the shrine. Columbanus realizes he has been tricked and tries to run away but is tackled by one of Cadfael’s companions and dies of an accidentally broken neck." http://www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-summary-morbid-taste-bones-480881 "A Morbid Taste for Bones" makes some changes, including secondary characters and proper names. Brother John and Annest are not included, leaving only one set of young lovers for the viewer to follow. The tension between the Welsh villagers and the English monastics is played up considerably, and the acquisition of St. Winifrede is made more dangerous thereby. To that end, the naive and charming Father Huw is recharacterised as the suspicious and rather grubby Father Ianto, who opposes the saint's removal and castigates the monks for haggling over her bones as if she were a bone at a butcher's stall. Bened the smith, while retaining his name, also loses much of his openhearted good nature, being both a suspicious rival of Rhisiart's and a vehement accuser of the monks themselves. In the climax of the adaptation, Brother Columbanus' confession is drawn out by less supernatural means than in the novel. Instead of being hoodwinked by Sioned in the dark, Columbanus confesses to a fevered figure of his own imagination. He is egged on to this by Cadfael, who pretends to see a figure of light bearing down upon them as they keep their vigil in Saint Winifrede's church. Sioned's part is to stay hidden as a witness, but when Columbanus relates with what joy he struck down her father in the saint's name, Sioned loses control and flies at him, with disastrous consequences as Columbanus realizes that he has been tricked. Sioned's lover, renamed from Engelard to Godwin, appears to defend Sioned, and Colombanus's accidental death occurs as in the novel. However, Columbanus' own motives are a good deal more ambiguous in the television adaptation. He innocently denies any ambition on his own part to be "the youngest head under a mitre," and his actions appear to stem from religious fervor and criminal insanity, rather than from a cold, calculated pass at fame. Otherwise, the episode remains primarily faithful to the text, with the necessary exception of being well into Abbott Radulfus' tenure at the abbey, instead of introducing t
Jahr: 1966
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: UK

1137: Der Mönch Cadfael und seine Gefährten John und Columbanus pilgern vom Kloster Shrewsbury nach Wales zum Schrein der hlg. Winifred. Columbus will durch die Heilige von seiner Epilepsie geheilt werden. Cadfael hält ihn für einen Simulanten und Hysteriker. Columbus wird aber seine Vision am Schrein der Heiligen geglaubt und auch seine Erzählung, dass diese ins Kloster Shrewsbury überführt werden will. Es bedarf des kriminalistischen Scharfsinns von Cadfael, um Columbus Falschheit zu entdecken und ihn sogar als Mörder zu entlarven.

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