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Titel Dr. House: Versteckte Wahrheit
Originaltitel: Dr. House: Role Model
Genre: TV-Serie
Directed: Peter O'Fallon
Besetzung: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps
Kommentar: Hinweis von: https://neurologicaldisordersinthemovies.wordpress.com/epilepsy/ Erstausstrahlung (US): 12.04.2005 Erstausstrahlung (DE): 29.08.2006 Drehbuch: Matt Witten1/17 "…………. Foreman reports the patient is in bad shape. They think it might be hairy cell leukemia, but there is no way to test for it. However, they test for other markers and they aren't present. The patient is positive for Epstein-Barr virus, but that doesn't indicate hairy cell leukemia. However, it does point to something else. House rushes to the patient's room and realizes he didn't damage his tongue in an accident, he had an epileptic seizure. The patient admits the epilepsy, but denies being on medication for seizures since he was ten. House takes away his oxygen until he admits to taking a drug that with the Epstein-Barr virus causes an autoimmune disease - common variable immunodeficiency disease. Chase points out he guessed the patient had that condition earlier - House rejected it based on the fact it is generally a childhood disease. However, the patient got the disease as a child, but it didn't manifest itself until he was under the stress of campaigning. He orders them to treat him for it despite how unlikely it might be. Over the next week, the patient starts improving. He only needs to take medication for the rest of his life. They tell him he can continue to run for office. He admits that he won't win, but says that House is wrong about always having to win.” http://house.wikia.com/wiki/Role_Model End-Diagnose: Toxoplasmose und Epstein-Barr-Infektion
Jahr: 2005
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: USA

House sucht den Fall eines Politikers zu lösen, der plötzlich während einer Rede zusammengebrochen ist. Er hat vergeblich versucht, vorher zum Ende zu kommen. Er stürzt schliesslich die Treppe zum Podest. hinunter. House erfährt von seinem Patienten, dass er als Kind gegen Epilepsie behandelt wurde und Phenytoin einnahm.

Expertenzuordnung, Epilepsiespielfilm, Krankheitsname fällt, Anfall erwähnt, Mit Anfall, Anfallsform benannt, Nebenrolle

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